Director of Photography:
JustUs, (2021) documentary feature by Maya Ben-Shahar & Cedric Theus
Always Danny, (2022) documentary by Tomer Keysar & Cheryl Furjanic
Grandma Sings Arirang, (2022) documentary short by Tomer Keysar & Linda Ginzel
A Ceremony For Life, (2022) short documentary by Karen Holmberg
The Djinn in the Pen, (2023) feature film by Mastaneh Moghadam
Do You Really Want To Do This? (2023) short film by Sam Gostnell
Own It, (2023) ad for House of Harry Halim
The Glove, (2023) spec ad for Dick's Sporting Goods
Door to Door, (2024) ad for Higher Power Energy
The American Trail, (2024) short documentary by Tomer Keysar
Don't Say the Party's Over, (2024) short film by Haley Johnson
Tendon, (2024) short film by Jannik Ehret
Body Alchemy, (In-Production) documentary short by Felix Endara

Camera Operator:
Dolby x GFS FTS Challenge Season 2, (2023) by Dolby Labs
Crazy In The Movies, (2022) Mental Health PSA
Binary Options, (2024) by Medalia Productions

1st Assistant Camera:
Alarm, (2021) short film by Ryan Paz
Gringa, (2021) short film by Amaya Beristain
The Thought of Losing You, (2022) short film by Cassie Vega
A Night With the Sheintops, (2022) short film by Joseph Zucker
He Made His Bed, (2022) short film by Maddy Freeman
Irrational, (2022) short film by Jacob Wichansky
Dirty Liar, (2022) music video by Amanda Brown
Buick "See Her Greatness," (2022) spec commercial by S7 Studios
Self Sufficient, (2022) music video by Elly Tess
Imprint, Honor the Gift, (2023) branded content by Dennis Williams
Whirlwind, (2023) short film by Madmoose Productions
Do I Shock You Like Lightning (2023) feature film by Kahlil Maskati
The Jewish Connection, (In Production) feature documentary by Zoa Films

The Ridgerunner, (2022) short film by Jackson Little
Samsung, “Turbulence”, (2022) spec commercial by Joseph Zucker
Uber, “Your Vote,” (2022) spec commercial by Joseph Zucker
TaskRabbit, “Simplicity,” (2022) spec commercial by Joseph Zucker
Victory Brewing Company, “Priorities” (2022) spec commercial by Joseph Zucker
Barley, (2023) music video by Water From Your Eyes​​​​​​​

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