ARRI Alexa Mini w/ Accessories
-  ARRI Alexa Mini Camera Body
-  ARRI MVF-1 Viewfinder
-  ARRI Viewfinder Cable
-  ARRI XLR power cable
-  Tilta Cage for Alexa Mini (distro box gold mount, top handle, 2x side plates, top plate,
baseplate, EVF mount)
-  Antenna
-  x2 SHAPE Rosette Handles
-  Tilta Quick Release Shoulder pad w/ dovetail
-  x2 Wooden Camera 15mm Support Rod (9”)
-  x4 Core 150wh Batteries
-  x2 Dual Chargers
-  x3 256gb Cfast 2.0 Cards w/ Angelbird Cfast 2.0 Card Reader and case

Rehoused Vintage Minolta MC Lenses
-17mm t4
-21mm t2.9
-28mm t2.1
-35mm t1.9
-58mm t1.3
-85mm t1.8
-135mm t2.9

Sony FX6 w/ Accessories

-Sony FX6 Full-Frame Cinema Camera Body
-Tilta Gold Mount Cage
-Sony BPU-60 Battery x2
-Handle Unit
-3.5" LCD Monitor
-Grip Remote Control
-Sony BP-U35 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack
-BC-CU1 Battery Cradle

Additional Media: 512gb Cfast 2.0 cards x3
Additional Media: 256gb Cfast 2.0 cards x3

Additional Batteries: Core Gold Mount 150Wh Batteries x2
Additional Batteries: Core Quad Charger with x4 95Wh batteries

Teradek Bolt 500XT 1:2
-Teradek Bolt 500XT Transmitter
- x2 Teradek Bolt 500XT Receiver
- Receiver Cage Rig
- Zenni HDMI-HDMI Cable
- x3 Coiled SDI-SDI Cables
- x3 Coiled D-Tap to 2-pin Lemo
- AC Power Supply for 2-pin Lemo - SmallRig Mount Arm
- Teradek Bolt Hard Case

Sachtler Video 18 Tripod
-Sachtler Video 18 Tripod head
-Sachtler carbon fiber Legs
-Sachtler carbon fiber baby legs
-Ground spreader
-Hard case

Tilta Nucleus M w/ Two Motors
-Tilta Nucleus M Controller
-x2 Tilta Nucleus Motor
-x6 18650 Rechargeable Batteries
-Tilta Max Battery Charger w/ AC Cable
-7-pin Lemo to 7-pin Lemo Cable
-Nucleus M Controller Strap
-7-pin Lemo to D-tap Cable

SmallHD 702 Touch Focus Monitor w/ Cage
-SmallHD 702 Touch Monitor
-D-Tap to DC Barrel Coiled Cable
-SmallRig Cage w/ Sunhood for 702 Touch
-1st AC Monitor Cage w/ Gold Mount Plate

Atomos Ninja 5 On-Camera Monitor
-Atomos Ninja 5 inch monitor
-Atomos SDI module
-Atomos battery eliminator
-D-tap to DC Barrel cable
-SmallRig sunhood

Tilta MB-T12 Matte Box

-Tilta 3-Stage 4 x 5.65" Carbon Fiber Clip-On Matte Box
-Tilta 15mm LWS Rod Adapter for MB-T12 Matte Box
-Tilta Carbon Fiber Top Flag for MB-T12 Matte Box
-3 x Tilta 4 x 4.56" Filter Tray for MB-T12
-5x Hard Mattes
-Pelican case

Core Gold Mount Sharkfin

Proaim Heavy-Duty Cinema Hi-Hat with Octagonal Board (100mm)
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